Blog 14 Dec 2018

Set up in 2015, Funkybobs has grown from supplying mini retractable golf towels to friends to selling across Ebay, Amazon and this site.

My retractable mini golf towel came about by watching pro’s on tour, then having a look at amateur golfers.

A pro golfer would never putt without the ball being cleaned and the amateur golfer almost never clean their golf balls before a putt.

All amateurs carry a golf towel but when on the green they will use everything other than their towel. Wipe the ball clean on the grass is the most used, along with trouser bottoms and inside pockets.

Anything apart from walking a few yards to their bag to use their golf towel.

This got me thinking.

So! I designed the mini clip on golf towel.

Simply clip it on to your belt loops when on the green and clip it on to your bag when not.

Really simple idea that has taken off.

After sourcing the reels and mini towels I purchased an embroidery machine to add value to the mini towel,

The embroidery machine is a success and I now embroider names and initials.

I don’t embroider logos as it can take ages to do.

A normal type of logo would take near 40 minutes to embroider.

The mini towels are available in either Black or White.

Thread colours are Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink and Orange.

I can do other colours on request.

Reel colours are Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and White.

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