Blog 22 Dec 2018

Superstoke putter grips must be the most used grip on both the European Tour and the PGA Tour.

With their no taper technology, these grips can boast a flat front without a taper.

Superstroke putter grips do not taper like conventional putter grips do. They call it Parallel Technology.

They might be from another parallel universe but something straight over the old taper, wouldn’t be classed as a technological breakthrough.

Even Grip Pressure

Their NO TAPER design promotes even grip pressure which produces a more consistent and repeatable putting stroke.

I personally dont think even or consistent grip pressure is the main reason these grips are so popular.

I fitted one to my £8 Argos putter a few years ago and I love the feel. So! I think superstroke’s best selling point, that they have missed, is comfort.

I dont know anything about an even grip pressure or even why or how this would benefit the golfer, but I as an amateur, do know about comfort.

If it feels right then It probably is.

You could at a stretch call these, the goldilocks grips.

Not to soft and not to hard. Just right.

The superstroke grips are this sites best seller over the few years I’ve been running it.

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