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Who We Are

Fb is a one man operated golf accessory company.

The contact phone number 07869 135712 is my personal number,

If you call for any reason, you wont be passed from one department to the next.

I am based in Troon on Scotlands West Coast and have been selling golf accessories from 2015.  I started off with my Mini Clip on Golf Towel and its taken off from there.

I also caddie at Royal Troon so you could say I know what accessories work and what doesn’t.

Virtually everything on this site is cheaper than either Amazon or Ebay as I don’t have to pay their fees.

On most items, if the selling difference is 10% from the above, I take 5% off the selling price and keep 5%.

The site stock will continue to build over the coming months and years so please come back often.

Keep Smiling

Colin (Admin / Owner)

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